Discovery Flight Bristell Airplane

First Lesson

A Discovery Flight at Sport Flying USA is the perfect way for first time flyers to experience what it is really like to fly a real airplane and talk to the air traffic control.

Sport Flying offers an inexpensive way for people who have always dreamed of flying to get behind the controls of an airplane. Sport Flying USA allow the participant to experience the thrill of flying! You will experience real time flying as well as preparing the aircraft for the discovery flight. Your instructor will be with you, from start to finish, and explain to you each aspect of flying an airplane.

You will start with a pre flight inspection of the aircraft, making sure everything is in top shape for your first discovery flight. Once the inspection is complete, your instructor will show you how to taxi to the runway and make all of the final preflight checks before take-off. Once completed, you will be on your way to a 20-40 minute flight while the instructor pays close attention to the airplane and teaches you a bit more about each instrument on the aircraft. You will finish by learning how to tie down an aircraft. Start today and make your dreams come true. Give us a call at today at 717-735-1600 fly a real airplane.

$129.99 per Hour Light Sport

Discovery Flight